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    Welcome to my United States History Class!

    Parent Access to Google Classroom Calendar

    Click on the link below to access your student's Google Classroom Calendar.  You will be able to view their upcoming assignments and due dates.  The Classroom Calendar will only reflect assignments the teacher has entered.  Students will have to enter assignments not posted in Google Classroom on their own.


    Mr. Rabago's U.S. History Class: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed src=cvusd.co_classroomaa5019a6%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles

    Parent Access to Their Student's Assignments in Google Classroom

    If you wish to access all of the specific assignment instructions, supporting documents, video links, and supporting websites, your student's work, and view the date and time of assignment submissions, you will need to do the following:

    1. Have them share with you their CVUSD Google account login (######@cvusd.co) and password.  I will provide these to the students on the first day of school.
    2. Open the Chrome Browser and then log into their gmail account using their account login and password.
    3. Open another tab and log into Google Classroom.  This will take you directly to their Google Classroom page.  You will be able to see all the assignment information, view their assignments by clicking on the assignment title, see the date and time the assignment was submitted, and if the assignment was graded through Google Classroom, you would be able to see the grade for that assignment.
    4. Note: I do not submit all assignment grades through Google Classroom.  All assignments are submitted into Zangle.


    Welcome to Team SDSU!





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    Mr. Rabago - United States History - http://cajon.schoolwires.net/Domain/458

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    8th Grade United States History

    The 13 Colonies through Industrialism

    Instructor: Mr. Rabago


    Welcome to your 8th grade United States History Course!  Last year, in 7th grade, you learned about the Middle Ages. By the end of the year, you learned that Western Europe, through the Renaissance, experienced a rebirth in art and learning.  This changed the course of human history. Advances in the arts and sciences eventually led great thinkers to question not only religion, but advancements in Science spurred the Scientific Revolution. All of these advancements eventually led to the Enlightenment, where people began to question the power of absolute monarchies, the powers of the government, and argue for the rights of the people.  

    One of the first goals in this course is make the connection how the revolutionary ways of thinking in Europe led to the eventual exploration and colonization of the New World; specifically, the 13 English Colonies. What led to a large portion of the English Colonists becoming upset with British rule? What events sparked a Revolution and how did those Enlightenment ideals lead to the founding of our nation and the formation of the government we have today? From there, we will look at the early course of our country's history and its eventual path towards a destructive civil war.  We have a lot to learn!

    Course Description

    This course takes an in-depth look at the early history of our country from the initial settlement of the 13 English Colonies, the founding of our nation, the causes and effects of the American Civil War and beyond.  It should be the goal of the students not only to excel academically, but that they fully comprehend and master the course content standards. As you may know, Cajon Valley Union School District has made a commitment to utilize technology in the learning process. In this course, the students will have the privilege of using Chromebooks at a 1:1 computer to student ratio.  The vast majority of our course will be run through my Google Classroom page. Course materials, assignments, a course calendar, discussion boards, and course communication will be managed through this website and Google Calendar. The majority of assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom. Mr. Rabago will guide you through the process on how to join his Google Classroom site and use Google Calendar.  As long as you have internet access, students and parents will have access to my Google Classroom page and Google Calendar.

    Textbooks and Materials

    • Textbook: History Alive: The United States Through Industrialsim. Publisher: Teachers Curriculum Institute 2005.
    • Chromebook Laptop Computer
    • Free Web 2.0 tools.
    • Google for Education software (Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form and Drawing).
    • All students will be given a username and password for a free Google account.

    Google Classroom

    All of assignments for this class, submitted online, will be done through Google Classroom.  Classroom ties directly to the student’s district Google account and simplifies the submission of on-line assignments.  All documents and links specific to each assignment are available. If logged into the student’s account, parents can see exactly when an assignment was submitted and be able to see their student’s work. Classroom tracks the exact time and date an assignment has been submitted, the grade for each assignment, and offers an opportunity for students and teachers to communicate about assignments and classroom progress.

    Google Calendar

    It is recommended that each student come up with their own system to track their school assignments and manage their time. Google Calendar is an excellent source to help the students improve their organizational and time management skills.  This Calendar is tied into their district Google account and Google Classroom. Through this online planner, the students will enter their daily and weekly assignments such as homework, quizzes, tests, projects, etc. This is taking the place of the paper planner the students have used in the past. The great thing about Google Calendar is that any assignment that is added to Google Classroom, is also added to their Google Calendar. All of the information in the traditional Hillsdale student handbook/planner can be found on our school website. Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s Google Calendar on a weekly basis.  


    rabagoc@cajonvalley.net - E-mail is the preferred contact method. Students and parents should contact me with this e-mail address. I will try to respond to your e-mail within 24 hours.

    Hillsdale Phone Number: 619-441-6156


    General Expectations

    • The main benefit of using Chromebooks in a 1:1 student to computer ratio is that the students will be able to move through each unit of study at their own pace.  The goal for each student, is to show mastery of the material. Each student will move at different pace, but a minimum pace will be determined by Mr. Rabago. All assignments will have due dates and quizzes and tests will be given on specific dates.  
    • Grades will be determined on the mastery of the content through the completion of various forms of assessment, overall quality of the work, and quiz and test scores.  The student has to be willing to participate in all classroom activities, discussions, group projects, etc.
    • In order to succeed in this course, each student needs to be able to show the willingness to learn how to use the technology (keyboarding, computer skills, Web 2.0 tools, etc.) in order to produce assignments that show mastery of the course material.

    Daily Expectations

    • Students are expected to be on time everyday. Students are expected to enter the room in an orderly manner, log onto their Google Calendar and Google Classroom, and begin working when the bell rings.  Students who are late will be marked tardy.
    • Students are expected to stay on task.  While students will move through some of the material at their own pace, their task is take advantage of their time in class, with their chromebook, to complete as much work as possible. Eventually, it will be the responsibility of the student to complete any unfinished work at home.
    • It is the responsibility of the students to meet due dates for all assignments, group projects, quizzes, tests, etc., in order to receive full credit.  
    • It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with Mr. Rabago to turn-in late assignments and ask for help if they have any questions.
    • It is the student’s responsibility take advantage of in-class make up days for tests and quizzes.

    Classroom Procedures

    • Be on time to class
    • Be appropriate at all times
    • Follow directions
    • No chewing gum or eating food in class
    • Respect each other, the teachers, all staff, this classroom, your school, and above all else, yourself


    Students are responsible for completing any assignments missed due to absences.  Assignments are posted on Mr. Rabago's Google Classroom page. Students should communicate with me if they have any questions about missing assignments.  Absences do not excuse students from assignments and due dates. If absent, full-credit can be earned if the students communicate with me about their modified assignment due date.  It is the student’s responsibility to do this.


    The grade is based on the percentage of total points earned each trimester. Your grade in this course will be based upon your overall performance on your daily work: assignments, Web 2.0 projects, unit projects, study guides, quizzes, tests, slide lecture tests, projects, and being prepared for class.   This grade is based upon a straight point system.


    A+    100%           C       77-73%

    A     99-93%         C-      72-70%

    A-    92-90%         D+     69-68%

    B+   89-88%         D       67-63%

    B     87-83%         D-      62-60%

    B-    82-80%         F        59-0%

    C+   79-78%




    Weekly Citizenship Grade


    Each week, the students will receive a 50 point citizenship grade which will be posted in Zangle.  As long as the students are following the rules, they should receive a 50 points for the week. Instances like tardies, chewing gum, eating in class, etc. will cause a student to lose their 10 points for the day. These weekly grades, will be used as the basis for calculating their Trimester Citizenship grade.


    Grade “A”


    These students demonstrate outstanding behavior every day. They remain focused and on task without having to be reminded. These students always treat the teacher and other students with respect.


    Grade “B”

    These students demonstrate appropriate behavior. They require occasional reminding to remain focused and on task. These students always treat the teacher and others with respect.


    Grade “C”

    These students demonstrate average behavior most days. They require frequent reminders to remain focused and on task. These students occasionally talk while the teacher is talking and are easily distracted.

    Grade “D”

    These students demonstrate below average behavior. They are excessively off-task and require constant monitoring. Their behavior is a disruption to the learning environment.

    Grade “F”

    These students typically have detentions, and/or referrals for multiple classroom violations.


    Classroom Passes

    I will be issuing three classroom passes per trimester.  These passes may be used to use the restroom, excuse a tardy, visit another classroom teacher for extra help, etc. During trimester #1, one of these passes may be used to excuse a late assignment.  Other than that, I do not accept late work in my History class. It is recommended that, if for any reason, you need more time on an assignment that the student contacts me to see if I will grant them more time to complete the assignment. You may turn-in any unused passes at the end of the trimester for extra credit. Each pass is worth 30 points.

    First Week Homework Assignments

    In an effort to establish open lines of communication, the student's first homework assignment will be to have their parents read Mr. Rabago's "Course Description / Syllabus", which will provide information on classroom policies and procedures.  This can be found on main page of my website (Hillsdale’s website), and my Google Classroom page. After you do this, complete the "Course Letter Verification Sheet".


    1. Every student who returns the "Course Letter Verification Sheet" by Friday, August 24th will receive 25 points extra credit.  
    2. Every student who joins my Google Classroom, for their respective period, by Friday, August 24th, will receive 25 points extra credit.