• Dear Parents,

    Hello and welcome to eighth grade during a pandemic. I am still so excited to begin this amazing journey with your child. As we devour and dissect various delicious pieces of literature, I will be working primarily on growing your child’s listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking capacities while also weaving in various technology skills. Our focus this year is to infuse in all of our children a growth mindset.  We want them to focus on improving their understanding and skills and not necessarily be consumed with acquiring the highest grades. Therefore, milestones that mark progress will be recognized and celebrated. We need and want our children to be constantly striving to seek their own personal best.  Therefore, our motto in English is GRIT - Graciously Rising to Intercept and Tackle any and all challenges presented to us.

    Helpful hints to share with your child:

    Participate!   There are countless activities on campus for students to be involved in such as Team Spirit Days, Husky Fridays, school clubs, etc. Students who get involved feel connected. Students who feel connected experience greater success and confidence in school.

    Show respect! Students who are respectful (follow school rules, demonstrate good character, are on time to class, have supplies, care about others, show friendliness) find themselves respected by others too.

    Be prepared! Bring a CHARGED chromebook, single subject spiral notebook for English only, notebook paper, 2 pencils, 2 blue or black pens, 4 highlighters (preferably in different colors), 1 red or other colored pen to class daily to be ready for any given task.  

    Ask for help! I am available to tutor before school. If you need to contact me, the best way is via email at marassheltons@cajonvalley.net. Please note time is given in class for students to record weekly homework assignments in their planners and that most homework and instructions can be found in Google Classroom. (Students should check their Google classrooms for EVERY class EVERY day!) There is also a section for comments and questions in Google classroom.  When a student posts, I am immediately notified. I make every effort to answer questions as soon as possible. Please refer to Google Classroom and Q/Zangle for updates on academic progress.  And this year, please use our new program/app ParentSquare.

    Be prompt with work! Students will be expected to turn work in on time. Please note that computer difficulties are not an excuse for a student not meeting a deadline. While it is unfortunate, students need to get into the habit of completing their work several days prior to a major deadline. Students can also go to Chromebook Hospital during P0 to resolve any computer issues.

    Be here! Attendance is critical! But should your child ever be absent, please note that he or she is responsible for getting missed assignments and arranging for make-up quizzes and tests. This can be done either before school or during P0 (advisory class).  

    Communicating is the key to a successful 8th grade year; therefore, if at any time you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  It is going to be a great year despite it all!                                                     


    Stephanie Maras Shelton