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    7th grade English Language Arts 


    6th-7th grade ELD 


     How can I support my student?


    Ask:  Have you reviewed Google Classroom?

    Students should visit Google Classroom at home on a daily basis to:

    • check for assignments due
    • review materials attached to questions/assignments
    • revise assignments in progress 
    • reflect on returned assignments


    Ask:  What are you reading?   

    Students should engage in daily independent reading at home.

    They should also be able to discuss texts being read in English class.


    Ask: What are you writing?

    Students will have many writing assignments.  Ask to see examples of their most recent writing.  Provide feedback.


    How can I check my student’s progress/grades?

    Student work is available to view on Google Classroom.

    Parents must obtain student ID # and password to access student accounts.

    Grades are available in Google Classroom before they are transferred to Zangle.