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    • Welcome to the 2019 / 2020 school year!

    Please be advised that the students will have homework assignments during all breaks from school (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break). The amount of homework depends on the class that they are in. All classes will have some sort of Khan Academy assignment as well as a 3% increase each week in ST Math.


    Extra Credit:
    1. 33% completion of Khan Academy by the end of Trimester 1, 66% completion of Khan Academy by the end of Trimester 2, and 100% completion of Khan Academy by the end of Trimester 3. Show it to me in class or send me a screenshot and I will give you 100 bonus extra credit points! 
    2. Having greater than the required percent on ST MATH for that recording period.
    3. Answering more than 10 questions correctly on module tests (out of 15 questions). 


     We are using the California Go Math for 8th Grade and Integrated Math workbooks that are aligned with the online programs (depending on which class you are in). Your child will have online homework almost every night. Besides that, I expect 3% completion per week for all classes for ST Math.
    All assignments are posted on Google Classrooms each day. Go to www.classroom.google.com to find out what the assignment for that day was. Click "mark as done" when finished with the assignment. Parents, you can follow the Google Classroom assignments by giving me your email address.
    GO MATH assignments are broken up into three sections.
    1) The Explore section: Students follow along with their packet and the online presentation. There are usually up to four videos to watch and take notes on as well. There is an "Orange Whistle" with two questions at the end of this section. 
    2) Guided Practice section: Students will come to class already knowledgeable of the material to be discussed. They should have already completed the "Explore" section of the lessons. Questions about the material are answered as well as teacher/student discussions about strategies used to solve problems. The follow up to this day is the "Red Whistle" on my.hrw.com. This online section has about 12 problems or so for the students to practice what they have learned. There is a "Step-by-Step" button for each problem that shows the students how to solve the problem, then gives them another one to try for themselves.
    3) Reteach and Practice / Problem Solving: This is the third section (day) of the lesson. Some students will work independently of the teacher, with each other, in solving problems from the practice and problem-solving questions from the packet.  I work with the students to solve several, but not all, of the problems on each page for each lesson. I leave several problems unsolved so that the students can work independently of me at home and practice the skills that they have learned. The "Independent Practice" section of the packet is a great place to get some extra practice.
    For all classes, there is then a "Homework" assignment posted on their dashboard of my.hrw.com. These assignments will be graded and entered into Zangle. The student must pass the homework assignment with 70% or higher grade to get 100 points of credit. If they do not pass with 70% or higher grade, another assignment called the "Personal Study Plan" will automatically be assigned to them. They must then pass that assignment and the "Re-Test" assignment that is automatically placed on their dashboard to get credit. They must then send me a screenshot of the grade of the "Re-Test" or show it to me in person to get the 100 points. I do not accept late work. After two days, the option of the "Personal Study Plan" and the "Re-Test" disappear from the dashboard automatically.   
    If you cannot get online at home, I will be available before school most mornings from 8:30 to 9:00 am. If my door is open, then I am at school. Also, you can email me to let me know that you want to come in to get help on a specific topic.
    If you miss a class or need to review what was taught in math class, go to your dashboard on my.hrw.com and click on the "Interactive Student Edition" book and go to the current Module and Lesson (found in your planner). You will need to follow along with your Go Math workbook and fill in the blanks.
    The website we use is my.hrw.com. The students have to log in with their school email address and password. There are many interactive lessons and videos for students to be successful. 
    If the students say they are all done with their homework, that is not true. There is always something that they could be working on. Remember, what you put into your studies is what you get out of it.
    The Playlist:
    1) HRW website (my.hrw.com) - This website that is aligned with the book. Check the dashboard for assignments posted. 
    2) Google Classrooms (https://classroom.google.com/h) - Assignments posted for the day. Check here every night. The join code is on the "Meet the Teacher" page.
    3) ST Math (https://web.stmath.com/) - Must complete 3% of the program per week. This will continue during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks. ST Math will be the only homework assignment given during those breaks.
    4) Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) - Online math class. Videos and examples for extra help. I will give extra credit for working on this website. You must be doing the 8th-grade math curriculum.  (33% completion of grade level skills by 1st trimester, 66% completion by 2nd trimester, and 100% completion by the end of the year). The join code is on the "Meet the Teacher" page.
    5) O'Classrooms (www.oclassrooms.com) - Basic to advanced math skills. Should visit this several times a week for extra help on math skills.
    Students and parents may check the grade of any class at any time by logging in to Student Portal.  The username is the 6 digit school ID and the password is the google password.
    Any questions? Please email me at kruegerr@cajonvalley.net
    Remember, what you get out of this class is what you put into it. Your effort will greatly affect your grade. 
    Thank you,
    Mr. Krueger