• Welcome to Mr. Krueger's Page!
    • Welcome to the 2021 / 2022 school year!

    Please be advised that the students will have homework assignments during all breaks from school (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break). The homework will be to obtain the "Course Mastery" goal from Khan Academy for that month.

    All classes will have Khan Academy, Delta Math, and iReady assignments every week.

    Please be advised that I do not accept late work. Each assignment has a due date and time. Please be aware of this. Even one minute late is late. However, I will accept a "Minion Team Pass" for late work. Each student is given six passes from their Science teacher.

    Extra Credit:
    1. Answering more than 10 questions correctly on module tests (out of 15 questions).
    2. Having greater than the required amount on Khan Academy, "Course Mastery".
    3. Having successfully passed more than one iReady assignment each week.


     We are using the California Go Math for 8th Grade and Integrated Math workbooks that are aligned with the online programs (depending on which class you are in). 
    All assignments are posted on Google Classroom each Sunday. In the case that a student is absent, the assignment is still due on the due date. Some assignments require a picture of the work or a screenshot. For those that don't, click "mark as done" when finished with the assignment.
    The Playlist:
    1) HRW website (my.hrw.com or log in through "Hello ID) - This website is aligned with the book. Check the dashboard for assignments posted. 
    2) Google Classrooms (log in through "Hello ID") - All classroom work is posted here every Sunday night. 
    3) Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org or log in through "Hello ID") - Online math class. Videos and examples for extra help. All students are expected to work 35 minutes a week on the "Course Mastery" to obtain an 11% increase each month. There will also be weekly assignments.
    4) Delta Math (www.deltamath.com) - Weekly assignments.
    5) iReady (Log in through "Hello ID) - Need to successfully complete one lesson per week.
    6) O'Classrooms (www.oclassrooms.com) - Basic to advanced math skills. Should visit this several times a week for extra help on math skills.
    Students and parents may check the grade of any class at any time by logging in to Student Portal.  The username is the 6 digit school ID and the password is the google password.
    Any questions? Please email me at kruegerr@cajonvalley.net
    Remember, what you get out of this class is what you put into it. Your effort will greatly affect your grade. 
    I am available most mornings at 8:30 AM for extra help (by appointment only). Email me if you need to come in.
    Thank you,
    Mr. Krueger