• Our counseling center is committed to creating a safe and welcoming place for students and parents to address any academic, social, or personal concerns that they may be experiencing. Our goal is to assist students to grow academically and socially during their time at Hillsdale. The middle school years offer new experiences, challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities for students to clarify values, set goals, and continue developing confidence and positive self-esteem.



    The counseling team is available to respond Monday through Friday within 24 hours of your counseling request. Talk to a trusted adult or call the Crisis and Access Hotline (888) 724-7240 if you are not able to wait 24 hours before we can respond. If you are having a mental health or life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. 


    Parents/guardians who would like to talk to a counselor, send us an email: 

    Kara Smith, Mandy Bell, Haley Bareno, Daniel Shea

    Counselor Contact Information