I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child and working with you throughout the year to have a successful year for all. During this course your student will gain a solid base in science and will be well prepared for high school science courses. Your child will also have many opportunities to reinforce, extend, and apply what he or she learns with fun and meaningful investigations and activities! 


    Curriculum: The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Health are part of the science curriculum.

    • Physical Science: Forces and Motion; Electricity and Magnetism; Energy
    • Life Science: Natural Selection and Adaptations; Ancestry and Diversity
    • Earth Science: The Universe and Stars; The Solar System; Planet Earth; Resources
    • Health: Project ALERT; Digital Citizenship; and Positive Prevention Plus

     My goal is to create a classroom environment that will help your student:

    • build a solid science vocabulary
    • gain a strong understanding of key scientific principles and topics
    • learn how to use critical thinking and creativity to tackle scientific problems
    • understand how science is related to other disciplines


    Class Supplies:

    • Chrome Book (school supplied)
    • A pencil, a red pen and a highlighter.
    • Science notebook- composition type - 100 pages ( we will use 1 this year)
    • Colored pencils
    • Small, hand-held Pencil Sharpener



    Academic Grade


    Students’ academic grades are based on cumulative points earned in the following categories during each trimester:

    quizzes/tests/projects (60%)

    class work/homework (40%)

     A= 100%-90%   B=89%-80%   C=79%-70%   D=69%-60%   F=59% and below

    We will be using Zangle Gradebook which can be accessed through our school’s website and using Parent Connect.

    Daily Work

    Daily work will be posted on Google Classroom. Generally, daily work not completed in class should be completed at home by the due date ( generally the next class day). If students are using their time wisely, work to be completed at home should be minimal

    Effort Grade

     In general, the effort grade and the academic grade go hand in hand. However, it is possible to receive a different grade in effort based on the student’s work ethic. The effort grade is based on the percentage of assignments that are turned in on time and complete.

     Late Work

    Late work is not accepted. Students will be given “Emergency Passes” that may be used to turn in late work.

    Missed tests and quizzes must be made up within two weeks!!!


    Students are responsible for completing any assignments missed due to absences. Assignments are posted in Google classroom. Students should talk to their peers or see the teacher if they have any questions about the missing assignments. 

    Full credit will be given for all work completed within one week of the absence. Arrangements need to be made to make up any tests or quizzes are missed. This can happen before or after school or in special cases at lunch. 

    Citizenship Grades (general grading outline)

     Grade “A” - These students demonstrate outstanding behavior every day. They remain focused and on task without having to be reminded. These students always treat the teacher and other students with respect.

     Grade “B” - These students demonstrate appropriate behavior. They require occasional reminding to remain focused and on task. These students always treat the teacher and others with respect.

     Grade “C” - These students demonstrate average behavior most days. They require frequent reminders to remain focused and on task. These students occasionally talk while the teacher is talking and are easily distracted.

     Grade “D” - These students demonstrate below average behavior. They are excessively off task and require constant monitoring. Their behavior is a disruption to the learning environment.

     Grade “F” - These students demonstrate unaccepatble behavior. They often behave in a manner that is disrespectful, defiant and/or disruptive.


    • Be prompt (On time, in seat, and planner out before bell)
    • Be Prepared (quiet, listen for directions, supplies out, etc)
    • Be Productive (follow directions, use class time to complete work…)
    • Be Polite (respectful, courteous, cooperative, follow all school rules…)
    • Be the best you can be!!!

    Consequences - Various consequences will be given for inappropriate behaviors such as gum, candy or food in the classroom, tardies, the use of cell phones or electronics, classroom disruptions, horseplay, cheating or defiance. The following consequences will occur:

    • Verbal warning/ Consult with Student
    • Time-out/behavior reflection in another classroom
    • Detention/ A note /phone call home
    • Referral to Assistant Principal

    *A complete set of school rules is located in each student’s planner. The rules listed in the planner are classroom rules as well.

    Extra Help

    If a student is doing poorly or needs some extra help on an assignment, I am available before or after school most days of the week in room 302.

    Parent Involvement

    You can help your student at home by checking their Google Classroom account for and upcoming tests/quizzes and due dates.

    Grades are available on Zangle – I update grades frequently. Check as often as needed!.

    Questions or concerns? Email me at carlocks@cajonvalley.net

    I am looking forward to this year of 8th Grade Science.


    Sarah Carlock


    If you have any questions please contact me at anytime. Email is preferred!
    Name: Sarah Carlock
    Phone number: (619) 441-6156