Visiting Hillsdale

  • Visitors must check in between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

    Upon the first visit to Hillsdale, visitors or volunteers, must present their driver’s license to our office staff so it may be scanned and entered in the RAPTOR Visitor System. After the initial scan, visitors will be able to easily sign in and out on their own at the computer kiosk to receive their visitor’s pass. Visitors must keep their visitor’s pass on their person the entire time they are on campus. FOR THE 21/22 SCHOOL YEAR, ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST SHOW PROOF OF COVID-19 VACCINATION OR A NEGATIVE COVID TEST.


    Closed Campus

    In order to ensure student safety and protect the learning environment, state law mandates a closed campus.

    • Only enrolled students may be on campus when school is in session.
    • Students leaving campus without permission are considered truant.
    • Students who ride the bus are considered “still at school” when they board and while on the bus. All school rules apply on buses.
    • After arriving at school, students are not permitted to leave the campus at any time during school hours, unless checked out by a parent or guardian.