Virtual Learning (Independent Study) Program

  • distance learning


    To apply for the CVUSD Virtual Learning Program, please visit Student Transfers to submit the appropriate transfer documentation.

    All parents have the option to to request a student-parent-educator conference before enrollment, to learn more about:  

    • Procedures for enrolling, disenrolling, and re-enrolling in independent study (CVUSD) Design Learning Academy and Virtual Learning Program.
    • Program Descriptions:
      • Instruction in the Virtual Learning Program is primarily led by certificated CVUSD staff.  Parents support learning and work completion at home.
      • Instruction in the Design Learning Academy (DLA) is primarily led by a parent.  Instructional content and due dates are provided to families by CVUSD certificated staff and parent’s/guardian’s provide in-home instruction. 
    • Instructional time, including synchronous and asynchronous learning
    • Curriculum 
    • Non-academic supports
    • Conferences may be conducted over the phone, by video conference, or by meeting in person.


    For additional information regarding the CVUSD Virtual Learning Program, please contact 619-588-3630.