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    Aligning to our mission of making Cajon Valley the best place to live, work, play and raise a family, Cajon Valley as a district has been embarking on a path to a greener El Cajon, increase our social responsibility, and be the environmental champion of East County. Cajon Valley is a member of the Environmental Center of San Diego as well as the San Deigo Regional Green Business Network. 


    District Level

    • Electric buses
    • Reduction in bus idling
    • Monitoring Program -
      CVUSD uses “EnergyLink” to monitor its solar production and energy use.
    • E-Waste management


    Site Level

    • ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits - 
      Energy audits were performed at all sites, to determine and prioritize the most cost-effective energy-saving measures.
    • Lighting retrofit -
      Old inefficient lighting was replaced with LED lighting, including motion sensors at all sites.
    • HVAC -
      Old, inefficient heating ventilation and air conditioning units were replaced with more efficient higher SEER units.
    • Irrigation Water Wells - 
      The District installed irrigation wells at several sites
    • Student Composting Bins
    • Student-led recycling efforts


    Student Level

    World of Work - Career exploration initiative, teaching the next generation about green jobs such as environmental engineers and wind energy technicians. 


    Future Possibilities

    • Environmental Management system with integrated reporting
    • Landfill/waste audit
    • Automated (motion/light-sensing) light fixtures
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Zero-leak water+heating fixtures
    • Vetting the value chain (purchasing/supply chain audit and management)
    • Improve water efficiency
    • Warehouse cold storage efficiency
    • Improve indoor air quality
    • Cohesive and comprehensive site energy management
    • Adjust carbon offset
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Sustainable design on all new building projects

    In addition to the green initiatives mentioned above, the District has installed solar/photovoltaic systems at 25 sites for ongoing energy savings.


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    If you have any suggestions or concerns about Cajon Valley's green programs please contact Scott Buxbaum, Assistant Superintendent Business Services at buxbaums@cajonvalley.net