Student Development

  • Inclusive settings provide far better outcomes for each and every student, as supported by research. When education is inclusive, so are concepts of civic participation, employment, and community life. This directly aligns with our district vision: “Happy Kids, Engaged in Healthy Relationships, on a Path to Gainful Employment.”


    Inclusion means that each and every student, regardless of ability, race, religion, gender, gender identity, linguistic background, or economic status, has the right to:

    • Be respected and appreciated as a valuable member of their school community
    • Be valued as a general education student with unlimited potential for learning
    • Engage in learning and experiences with peers from preschool through college and continuing education 
    • Develop their potential in an environment of psychological safety
    • Access the tools necessary to be successful in the learning environment
    • Engage with content that is relevant and personalized



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  • Student Development
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    Ryan Satterfield - Director

    Jeremy Boerner - Director


    Maria Morales-Jimenez
    Administrative Assistant, Bilingual (Spanish)

    Virginia Corniel
    Administrative Assistant

    Miguel Gavillan
    Educational Services Programs Liaison