New Student Enrolling for Preschool

  • The state-funded preschool program is designed to provide a school readiness program for children ages 3-5 for income eligible families. Parent participation is highly encouraged. Morning and afternoon classes run for three hours each, Monday through Friday.

    The district's California State Preschool Program is a member of the Quality Preschool Initiative.  The Quality Preschool Initiative (QPI) serves as an important champion for children in the county by helping families identify and access quality child care and early learning programs. In addition, the Quality Preschool Initiative helps providers keep up to date with best practices in early learning and identify areas for continued improvement. This powerful partnership of knowledge and education is contributing to quality outcomes for the region’s next generation of successful students. For more information about SDQPI, click here:

    For more information about the State Preschool, please visit: California State Preschool Program

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