Technology FAQ for Parents

  • Q: How do I access Zoom Meetings from my student's Chromebook?

    A: Teachers have been sending out Zoom links in one of three ways: through Gmail, Google Classroom or Seesaw.  To access the Zoom link, students should log into their Chromebook and open Google Chrome. Login to Hello ID and click on either Gmail, Google Classroom or Seesaw.  Students should find the link either in their email or on their classroom feed.

    Q: Can I use Facebook for Zoom meetings?

    A: No, students should be using the link provided by their teacher in Google Classroom to attend Zoom meetings.

    Q: How do I get my student's login and password?

    A: Please contact the school office for student login information.

    Q: I do not see a Zoom icon on Hello ID.

    A: The Zoom application is not displayed in Hello ID but is enabled and available for all students when they click on the meeting link provided by their teacher.  Please keep in mind that Zoom is only accessible between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Accessing Zoom at a time outside of those hours will result in an access denied or access blocked message.

    Q: I’ve heard Zoom is not secure, what is the district doing about that? 

    A: The District takes your student’s privacy and safety seriously.  We have enabled safety features utilized within Zoom to require meeting passwords and waiting room features to ensure only invited guests can access your student’s meeting.  We are also utilizing safety features on your student’s Chromebook to prevent them from accessing Zoom outside school hours and from signing up for accounts on their own.  

    Q: What do I do if my student's Chromebook is broken?

    A: Notify the school or your student's teacher.  Each school has a plan to allow for drop-off/pick-up of broken Chromebooks and issuing loaner Chromebooks.

    Q: What if my student doesn’t have a Chromebook?

    A: Every student enrolled in Cajon Valley Union School District has a Chromebook assigned to them. Please contact your student’s school to arrange pickup of your student’s Chromebook.

    Q: What should we do if we live in an area with no access to the internet?

    A: Printed resources are available at your student’s school or available on the district website.  Print the resources available from the Parent Printable Resources page.

    Q: Are their low-cost internet options available for families?

    A: All three major internet providers serving Cajon Valley have low cost options available for families meeting certain income requirements.

    Cox Communications Charter Spectrum AT&T
    Connect2Compete Spectrum Internet Assist Access from AT&T


    Q: Who can I contact if I have technical questions?

    A: For all technology-related questions or issues, please email or call 619-590-8549