Blocksi Parent Dashboard FAQ

  • Students across Cajon Valley have district-assigned Chromebooks which they can bring home. Parents and guardians might struggle on how to deal with that new device in their home. Blocksi gives parents the flexibility to enforce some of their home policies such as bedtime and ability to block specific content. Blocksi Manager Parent Dashboard puts the parent, guardian, and school on the same page and assures a Chromebook initiative acceptance by both parents, teacher, and students.

    Blocksi Parent Dashboard Can:

blocksi atc list
  • Enforce bedtime and time access control on streaming media, social media, Youtube, gaming and other time addictive content.

Blocksi block list
  • Enforce a stricter Policy on certain websites when the Chromebook is at home, by blocking specific online content.

Blocksi analytics
  • View web history and analyze trends of your child's internet browsing activity and get warned when blocked content is accessed.

  • Parents will need:

    • Your student's school email address which reads like this,
    • Your email address which has been registered with your child’s school. (If you are not sure which email address the school has on file, please contact the school office to update your information, or update it yourself via the Parent Portal
    • Go to and click Login.