RSIG (Refugee School Impact Grant)

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    Refugee School Impact Grant (RSIG) After-School Program (2016-2017)

    Cajon Valley Union School District (CVUSD) is pleased to offer a comprehensive after-school program for 2nd-8th grade refugee students currently inrolled in CVUSD and their parents.

    (To be eligible for participation, students must be refugees with a U.S. entry date of January 17, 2014 or later.)

    Dates: January 17, 2017 through June 1, 2017

    Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

    Location and Times:

     Elementary Sites Hours


      Middle School Sites Hours










    Naranca   ** (Hours: 3:00-5:00)


    To register, please bring student's I-94 letter or card to the district office and complete an application.

    Applicatins will be accepted at the district office Monday-Friday from 10:00-3:30.

    For more information, pleasse call Souad at 588-3261.

    This innovative program will offer a variety of student services to include:

    • support groups that target socio-emotional needs
    • tutoring
    • homework support
    • English Language Development instruction by certificated CVUSD teachers; and
    • development of physical well-being, language acquisition, and social interactions through soccer play

    In addition, student activities will be designed to increase:

    • understanding of the U.S. school system
    • adaptation to a new community
    • academic performance; and
    • a positive sense of self

    The parent component will include opportunities for parents to:

    • learn English as a second language
    • understand the school system
    • support their children with language development and academics
    • learn about community services and resources available to them; and
    • integrate into the new community through activities promoting community service
    • learn job acquisition skills

    The following agencies will provide services under this program:

    Survivors of Torture International (SoTI) will address the socio-emotional needs of students and parents attending the program.  Student and parent support groups led by a Senior Mental Health Clinician, a Therapist, and volunteer interns will meet on site once a week.

    The AjA Project will provide photography-based education to refugee students in grades 4-8. Students will: develop critical thinking skills and increase their leadership skills. Through the creation of visual narratives, students will begin to reflect upon and share their experiences of migration, and think critically about their identities and cultural communities.

    East Region Adult  Educational will provide ESL instruction and job acquisition skills for parents.  Through highly qualified instructors and comprehensive syllabi, refugee parents will develop the necessary English language and literacy skills that prepare them to better support their educational experience and successfully integrate into their new community and workforce.

    Smart Mind Robotics will provide hands on robotics instruction that incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles.