• Welcome to 7th Grade English!
    This website will be utilized throughout the year to access
    homework, daily/weekly assignments, and any necessary links to assist you to be a successful CVMS Team Cougar!

        School/Teacher Contact Information

      If you have any questions at all, always feel free to contact me by calling the office, visiting our school website,      or contact through email, isoms@cajonvalley.net where I would appreciate a detailed message to better assist you!


    Course description:

     7th grade English follows the California State Common Core Standards. The standards include instruction in Reading, Language, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.


    Specific literary pieces, appropriate articles, poetry, essays, short stories, and novels will be utilized to enhance the educational practices throughout this school year.


    Grammar, vocabulary, word study, comprehensive practices, and library skills also are integral components of this course. In addition, computer technology will be integrated to enhance student learning by further developing technological skills to enhance and support the learning environment!

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