Diane Putrus
    Welcome to my classroom website!
    Ms. Putrus
    Room 306
    6th grade English, History, ELA, and Leadership
    Email: Putrusd@cajonvalley.ney 
     Room: 306 Phone: 588-3092  
    Office Hours
    Monday - Friday 8:30am & Friday 3:30pm 





    Along with a positive attitude, other supplies must be brought to class each day:
    - Three Sharpened Pencils - 2 Highlighters 
    - 3 Ring Binder with Paper and Dividers - Enclosed sharpener
    - Pencil Cap and/or Eraser - Student Planner
    - History folder



    Behavior Management Policy (STRIKES):

         ✔     =      warning

         ✔ ✔ =      teacher conference

         ✔ ✔ ✔ =  time away and phone call home

         More? Seriously?! = teacher consequence

    (This could result in a referral to the office, parent conference, and/or detention.)

    ** Strikes will accumulate throughout the week, starting over at the beginning of each new week.