Problem of Practice (P.O.P.)

  • What is Problem of Practice: Identify

    Do you have an area that will make a significant difference for student learning if improved? Disengaged parents or students? Unwelcoming environment? Chronic Absenteeism? Students not proficient in an area of learning? A Problem of Practice statement can help you identify causes and effects, and design a plan for action to create meaningful change.

    It is a problem that keeps you from authentic community engagement, centered on student growth and development.  It must be something that is actionable and realistic. It is also something your organization cares about and would make a different for student learning if improved.

    In our workshop, FACE helps participants work toward the meaningful change they want to see.  Specific steps with a problem of practice may include, but are not limited to:

    Identify and Creating a Problem of Practice Statement: A Problem of Practice statement ​​should be a description of an issue--a few sentences describing what is happening that is problematic. It should expresses dissatisfaction with the status quo and a recognition that existing outcomes are either not desirable or just not good enough. It is a gap between the vision and the current reality.

    Analyze probable root causes: identify causes and effects

    Plan for Action: Create an Implementation strategy to create meaningful change.

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