Family Medical Leave

  • To be eligible for FML, an employee must have worked a minimum of one year (and worked at least 1,250 hours during that year). FML is unpaid leave that includes (or runs concurrently with) other paid disability leaves for a maximum of twelve weeks per fiscal year.

    • Example - Your doctor’s note takes you off work 2 weeks before your C-section, and 8 weeks after (10 weeks total). You may request an additional 2 weeks off using unpaid FML (total 12 weeks). 

    Available personal necessity and vacation leave balancesmust be exhausted before entering unpaid leave. You are eligible for district-paid medical benefits during FML if you return to work for at least 30 days at the end of FML, otherwise federal law requires repayment of FML benefit amounts. Absence from work for one of the following reasons may entitleyou to family/medical leave: The birth of a child, or the placement of a child with you for adoption or foster care; Or a serious health condition that makes you unable to perform the essential functions for your job; Or a serious health condition affecting your spouse, registered domestic partner, child or child of a registered domestic partner, or parent, for which you are needed to provide care; Or for a qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that your spouse, child, parent is called to active duty from National Guard or Reserves; Or because you are the spouse, child, parent, or next of kin of covered service member with a serious injury or illness. Employees requesting family medical leave must submit all copies of the Request for Leave of Absence (form A-37) to Payroll for FML eligibility review which is established through disability/court documentation. Interested employees should contact their Payroll Technician for additional information.

    Forward all copies of the Family Medical Leave Request (available at your site - Form A-37) to the Payroll supervisor for eligibility review. If your FML reason is caring for a family member, contact us for an additional form. Copies of approved FML requests are sent to you, your site, Personnel and your Payroll Technician.