Disability Leave

  • DISABILITY LEAVE: (Differential leave is unavailable to Classified employees on their initial period of probation.)
    Your available illness leave balance is used when you are on disability leave. You remain in a fully paid status until illness leave has been exhausted. Then you enter differential (disability) pay status, which is two-thirds of contract salary for Classified employees OR the daily rate minus the sub pay rate for Certificated employees. Employees receive a payroll dock reducing pay to the differential rate (or contact payroll if you wish to use earned vacation hours instead of a payroll deduction). There are 100 differential days an employee can use (prorated for part-time contracts), which is generally total ill time and differential time combined. A doctor’s note covering the absence period is required to be eligible for differential pay.

    Submit a doctor’s note to Payroll, and a copy to your site, covering the time you are/will be absent for any type of disability leave (i.e. maternity, injury, surgery, illness, worker’s compensation). A new doctor’s note should be submitted to payroll every 6-8 weeks when you have a long-term disability. A doctor’s note is also required for your return to work. An employee cannot return to work until released by a doctor. If there are any changes in your disability status, please contact your Payroll Technician as soon as possible because it may affect your pay.