• When calling 911:  

    1. Give your name
    2. Give your exact location (school, building number, room number or other specific location)
    3. Describe the condition clearly and accurately
    4. DON’T HANG UP! Let the person you are talking to end the conversation, other information may be needed.

    Keep in mind if you are calling 911 from a campus landline you do not need to dial “8” and your location will be displayed for the emergency call taker. When calling 911 from a cellphone you will be automatically connected to the California Highway Patrol as this can delay response times while CHP connects you to the appropriate agency, i.e., Sheriff’s Department, El Cajon Police Department, Fire Department.

    Therefore, it’s always best to call from a landline telephone.

    In an emergency:

    If an emergency occurs on school campus, numerous methods will be used to communicate information:

    • Public address system
    • District and school websites
    • District Facebook page
    • News media – information will be sent to the news media; check television, radio and news websites.
    • Don’t spread rumors!!!!

    Be prepared: what you can do: 

    • Take note of your building’s floor plan and exit routes.
    • Participate in fire drills and safety training programs.
    • Discuss with your students a “Rally point” outside the building.
    • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher and fire alarm.
    • Report all work-related injuries, illnesses, and hazardous material spills.
    • Keep a flashlight and emergency radio nearby (make sure you have fresh batteries).
    • Prepare yourself and your family at home so they know what to do if you are involved in an emergency, including where to go and how to cope in an emergency, including where to go and how to cope until you’re able to get home.
    • Check with your own school’s site safety specialist if you have specific questions regarding school safety or email me directly lover@cajonvalley.net.

    Emergency situations:

    • Active shooter
    • Aircraft crash
    • Bomb threat
    • Earthquake
    • Evacuation
    • Fire Safety
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Power Outage
    • Snake Bite
    • Suspicious Package

    Public Safety contact numbers:

    Call 911 in an emergency

    • Life-threatening situation
    • Medical emergency
    • Crime in progress
    • Fire
    • Major disturbance
    • Request for police presence to deal with potentially-disruptive person

    Sheriff's non-emergency line:

    Call 858-565-5200

    El Cajon Police non-emergency:

    Call 619-579-3311

    • Crime report
    • Reporting a break in that occurred in the past
    • Reporting vehicle damage
    • Reporting suspicious situations that are non-threatening
    • Any non-life threatening issue