• Expectations:

    -Attend Daily zoom sessions for synchronous “live” lessons.

    -Students are completing asynchronous (independent, “at home”) work in a timely manner. This work will need to be completed to make synchronous (in person zoom lessons) more productive.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Respect
    2. Responsibility/Safety
    3. Accountability
    4. Hard Work
    5. Communication

     Synchronous work:

    Work done with a teacher during a predetermined time, ex: “zoom calls”. This is where students receive daily “live” instruction. 




    -Links will be linked through specific google classroom and google calendar invites. Students will need to check their school email accounts. 



    Daily Schedule:

    Although we will be opening school using a distance learning model it will look very different then it did last Spring when we shut down under emergency circumstances. Students will have a full day of classes online and courses will be taught live by our teachers daily throughout the school day. You will find a sample student class schedule below:

    • 8:55 - 9:20    Period 1: ADVISORY 
    • 9:25 - 10:10    Period 2: CLASS A
    • 10:15 - 11:00   Period 3: CLASS B
    • 11:05 - 11:50  Period 4:  CLASS C
    • 11:50 - 12:35   LUNCH
    • 12:35 - 1:20    Period 5: CLASS D
    • 1:25 - 2:10      Period 6: CLASS E
    • 2:15 - 3:00     Period 7: CLASS F
  • Asynchronous work - work done by the student without direct teacher assistance. assigned by the teacher, given a specific time limit.

    Flipped Classroom - when students are introduced to concepts “at home” and then are prepared to discuss them and learn more“in class”

    Digital Notebook - Students will complete a digital notebook per unit. This will be a document for them to take notes during their independent asynchronous work and can be used on all synchronous work and related projects.



    Website -

    Students will be creating a website portfolio to document progress on class related topics throughout the year.

    A link to a sample portfolio can be found here: Ms. Fenwick's Sample 20/21 Digital Portfolio (link coming soon)