Community Use of Schools

  • How to Apply:
    Organizations wishing to use District facilities must submit a Facility Use Request form. These are available from any school site and from the Facilities, Maintenance & Operations department.

    The use form must be approved and signed by the site principal. It is then to be sent to the Facilities, Maintenance & Operations department for approval by the department Director, calculation of any applicable fees or charges, and assignment of custodial personnel, if needed. Invoices will be issued by the District Accounting department.

    Non-profit agencies/organizations must provide proof of non-profit status. Certificates of Insurance are required of any individual or organization requesting facility use. The certificate must name the Cajon Valley Union School District as additional insured for one million dollars. The certificate may be included with the facilities use permit or may be mailed or faxed to the Facilities, Maintenance & Operations office.

    Field Allocations:
    The City of El Cajon Recreation Department assists the District in handling field allocations for sports organizations. Allocations are done twice per year: January and July. Please contact Julie Alon at Kennedy Center, 619-441-1676, for questions regarding the allocation process. Grass fields are charged at the rate of $20/hour to cover the cost of maintenance and renovation. Dirt fields are allocated at no charge. The city provides a fair and equitable process so that all teams have the opportunity to use District fields.

    Facility Use Fee Schedule:

    • Fees established by the Governing Board
    • Board Policy 1330, revised 9/27/05
    • Administrative Regulation 1330, revised 9/27/05

    All use fees reflected in the following charges are based upon average hourly rates for custodial service plus a nominal charge for utilities associated with use.

    $20.00 fee applies to all groups with the exception of school-centered organizations and employee organizations as defined in this regulation. A separate application must be filed for each site requested for use. This application fee will also be applied on that basis.

Fee Schedule


    Non-Profit- Personnel ARE on Duty

    Non-Profit- Personnel ARE NOT on Duty

    Commercial Use

    Application Fee




    Multi-Purpose Room






    $110.00 $180.00
    Each Additional Hour
    $26.00 $37.20 $52.00
    Extra Custodian $22.00    $32.20 $32.20
    Regular Classroom
    (per hour)
    $24.50 $35.70 $66.00
    Fields - Grassed & Irrigated $20.00 per/hr $20.00 per/hr $20.00 per/hr