Bond Background Information


    Capital Improvement

    In February 2008, Cajon Valley voters passed Proposition D, a ballot measure authorizing the issuance of $156.5 million in bonds to construct and improve school facilities. The District successfully managed the Proposition D Bond Program, completing projects on schedule and under budget. Taxpayers were able to take advantage of very favorable interest rates because of the District’s good credit rating. However, due to stagnant property values, the final $88,406,940 could not be issued within the original timeline.

    In November 2012, voters passed Proposition C allowing for the re-authorization of the remaining bonds. As Prop C bonds are issued, an equal amount of Prop D authorization is retired.


    Educational Technology

    In November 2016, voters approved Proposition EE.  This ballot measure authorizes $20 million in short-term, low-interest bonds for educational technology.



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