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    Counseling Department 


    *8th Grade Parents/ Guardians*

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    LCC Counseling Team



    Our counseling center is committed to creating a safe and welcoming place for students and parents to address any academic, social, or personal concerns that they may be experiencing. Our goal is to assist students to grow academically and socially during their stay at Los Coches Creek. The middle school years offer new experiences, challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities for students to clarify values, set goals, and continue developing confidence and positive self-esteem.


    Request an Appointment with Your School Counselor


    If you have an immediate concern about your mental health, please call the
    San Diego Access and Crisis Line at 1-800-479-3339 


    Parents/guardians who would like to speak to or meet with a counselor, please request to see the counselor with the link above. 




    Counseling Secretary

    Mariana Figueroa


    (619) 938 8600


    6th Grade Counselor

    Ms. Peña


    (619) 938-8600


    7th & 8th Grade Counselor

    Mr. Acosta


    (619) 938-8600



    The counseling department uses curriculum and practices that consist of structured developmental experiences presented to students in the classroom, small and large groups, and individually. Our counseling staff is committed to using the ASCA National Counseling Standards



    Course Scheduling Procedures
    Students’ elective courses were selected based on the course requests submitted during the previous spring semester. Students who meet grade level proficiency will be placed in electives. We're sorry, but we can not accomadate requests to be placed with a specific teacher.