Cerro Torre, Argentina--July 2018
                                    Laguna Torre, Patagonia, Argentina
                                                        July 2018
    Dear Parents:
    Welcome to 8th Grade English and Honors English. It will be a pleasure and privilege to be your child's teacher this year.
    My expectations for student achievement are high, my interest in my subject equally high, and I promise to be an active advocate for each individual student. Please contact me at any time if there is a question, or any clarification or assistance needed. THIS is important: I do not use Zangle Parent Connect, but I DO send home grades and announcements each week through my own grading program. Often this includes information about upcoming projects, assignments, and long-term activities. For this to work, and for you to be kept informed, I need an active, accurate e-mail address for each family. The student can also supply an e-mail address to which grade reports and announcements will be sent each week. If you are not receiving grade reports each week, please make me aware of this so I can update a working e-mail address for you. Otherwise, please connect with me anytime through e-mail: roemmich@cajonvalley.net. I will respond either within the hour, by the end of the day, or early the next morning.  Alternately, you can call the school office at 619-938-8600, and talk to a front office staff member, or leave a message, and I will get back to you. Course descriptions for English and Honors English are given below. Assignment calendars, project descriptions and many other other important papers will be uploaded to this website as the year progresses, and can be found under "Papers and Documents." They can be downloaded and printed. Thank you, and I hope I can meet with you this year.
                                                                                            Wm Roemmich
  • 8th Grade English Course Descriptions 2020-2021

    Described below is my intended curriculum for the year. Because we will start the year with distance learning, obviously some of this will have to change, both in terms of content and how the material is delivered. This is all new terrain for me. I cannot make any predictions about how it will go, except that I will try as hard as I can each day to make the lessons and activities stimulating, interesting, and important.

    ENGLISH 8:

    Course Description: Through careful guided reading of thematically rich material, including classics of youth literature and traditional and contemporary poetry, students will experience the diversity of genre and richness of theme and style of world-class writing. Special emphasis will be given during discussion and student responses and projects on global responsibility, and the connection between the literature discussed and other events throughout the world, past and present. Students will be required to incorporate daily free reading into their lives. Writing instruction will emphasize persuasive essays, analysis of literature, narrative sketches and problem solution writing. Various domains of personal writing will be collected in a representative portfolio for each student and published at the end of the year as a final project. Grammar instruction, spelling and vocabulary enrichment will proceed on a regular basis. A major research project in the heart of the academic year will focus on the fine arts, and will encourage use of online resources, a wide variety of reference materials, and allow great creativity in terms of final presentation. The art history research project will encourage students to learn about different time periods, different cultural attitudes towards aesthetics, and the variations of human experience around the world. The Common Core Standards will be followed closely, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching English program.



    Course Description: All descriptors of regular English 8 apply to honors level English. In addition, honors students will daily be asked to consider their reading and writing and thinking in the greater context of world art and culture (global responsibility). Honors students will read poetry throughout the year with a goal of understanding the wide range of organization in verse models. Honors students will be encouraged to write for personal satisfaction, intellectual inquiry, for the clarification of ideas and for the development of voice. Honors students will learn the Socratic methods of shared inquiry, and start the year with a focused unit of analyzing short fiction taken from the Great Books Foundation. Interpretive investigation as a method of literary analysis will be the focus of in-class and independent reading throughout the year. The Fine Arts Research Project will especially be directed to the higher-level interests and abilities of honors students. The art history research project will encourage students to learn about different time periods, different cultural attitudes towards aesthetics, and the variations of human experience around the world. Students in honors English will participate in a Winter Arts Program, which will be based on some aspect of literature, music, or visual arts TBA. All honors students will pursue an active home reading schedule, including a unit on the Holocaust, which will involve a study of Kohlberg’s Moral Development Scale, a non-fiction unit, and stories of special structural and thematic interest by authors of international significance.

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