• Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Science
    in room 506
    with Ms. Ingram. 
     Roller Coaster Physics
    A copy of the syllabus is located in your child's google classroom account and their backpack or click on this link:  Syllabus

    7th and 8th Grade Science 

    Los Coches Creek Middle School

    Ms. Ingram/room 506


    Class Overview:     

    • The focus of 8th grade science is the histroy of the Earth, genetics,  forces and motion, waves, and the universe. Most of these topics lend themselves to real hands on science experiments and safety in labs will be of the utmost importance. Those not behaving safely in class will not be allowed to participate in labs.
    • The focus of 7th grade science is states of matter, properties of matter, dynamic Earth, ecosystems. As with 8th grade, these topics are very lab dependent and students need to follow basic safety rules in order to participate. 
    • We will also be working on implementing the next generation science standards by incorporating engineering practices in with the labs in many of the areas we covering in class. This means more group activities and problem solving. Be prepared to work as a team.


    What you will need:

    ·     A science journal of some sort. This may be a notebook that is spiral bound, a composition book, or a 3 prong folder with notebook paper. This will be utilized throughout each trimester and turned in for a grade towards the end of the trimester.

    ·     Your chromebook (once they are passed out) with your charger.

    ·     Two or more sharpened pencils or pens (dark ink) – no permanent markers

    ·     A positive attitude

    ·     Optional: scissors (small), colored pencils, calculator, glue stick, ear buds, small pencil sharpener.

    ·     You will be given and interactive reader for homework, but this can stay at home. Also, you will be given the option to take a textbook home for the year, but this is not a requirement and most students don’t find the need to have one. Your choice.


    ·     Academic grades are based on how many points you earn by the end of the trimester. Each activity in class is worth points, your homework is worth points, and your journal is worth points, as well as unit tests and quizzes.

    ·     Late work is accepted only with teacher approval and with a valid excuse such as absences due to illness. 

    ·     It is YOUR responsibility to get and make up late work. Most assignments can be found on Google Classroom.

    ·     Effort is based on your academic grade and your homework grade. These two grades are averaged for your effort grade. 

    ·     Citizenship is based on participating and being a citizen in class. Respectful and on task behavior also play a major role in your grade in this category.


    Parent Connect:

    ·     Be sure to be connected to the zangle system to see your student’s grades or missing work by checking in with the office to get your username and password. Previous years information is still accurate.

    ·     Be sure to contact me via email for the most rapid response at ingramd@cajonvalley.net or call the office to reach my room (and voicemail) at 619-938-8600

    ·     Ask your student for their access to google classroom to see what we are doing and for assignments that are due or have been turned in.