• Anza English Learners
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    We want our students to feel confident in learning English and eager to be part of every lesson. We know that every child learns at his/her own pace, and we provide a stress-free environment to allow our students to ask questions whenever needed. Creating inquisitive students, creates self-motivated thinkers and successful individuals. We provide in-depth small group instruction to our Newcomers for their first two years in America, if needed. We are dedicated to teaching English learners so that they reach the highest level of proficiency on the State and District standards in order to be reclassified to Fluent English Proficient.

    Our Goals

      • Offer research-supported program options to parents and students.
      • Provide daily instruction in English Language Development for all English learners.
      • Use the English Language Development standards in concert with the Common Core to enrich the student experience.
      • Provide access to adaptive technology (Imagine Learning English, St Math) to support students in language acquisition and standards mastery.
      • Integrate a variety of assessments to inform instruction.
      • Engage in data analysis to inform instructional decision making.
      • Involve parents in the school and classroom via home-language communication.
      • Provide professional development for support staff, teachers, and school leaders to maximize language acquisition and achievement of English Learners.
    Helpful Websites:
    Imagine Learning Education (ILE)
    Power Up Program
    ELD Rubrics for school Progress Reports