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    Anza Elementary is a unique and diverse community of learners.  The Resource Support Program (RSP) at our school provides support to all students with special education needs both with push-in and/or pull-out support models. 

    The pull-out resource program is another way of delivering special education services.  In this model, the student is placed in a general education classroom, but receives some of their instruction in a small-group setting in the resource room depending on student needs and IEP goals.  This option is often chosen when the student’s academic levels differ significantly from those of the general education students.

    The push-in model is another way of delivering services.  In this model, an RSP Teacher or SECA (Special Educational Classified Assistant) is placed in a general education classroom, to provide small group instruction within the classroom depending on student/teacher needs.  This option is often chosen to provide all students with more support.
    At Anza and in Cajon Valley we believe that our job is to prepare students with disabilities to be independent, self determining, productive members of society. Our goals is that students with disabilities possess the academic, vocational, and interpersonal skills necessary to be meaningfully connected to the community and live a high quality of life.
    We strive and believe that: 
    • All children have the right to learn in the least restrictive environment which meets their needs and provides maximum interaction with all peer groups.
    • Children are best taught in educational settings which prepare them for their roles and responsibilities in society.
    • All learning will take place in a positive, reinforcing, safe environment which nurtures social responsibility and respect for diversity.
    • All children will have access to a continuum of programs and instructional services that meet their individual needs.
    • The child will be the central focus of all educational decision making.