Birthday Celebrations

  • We LOVE to celebrate one another in kindergarten! 

    Celebrating your child's birthday at school is optional.

    If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday at school, please email your child's teacher a few days ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

    Sometimes birthdays fall on weekends, holidays, or scheduled school events. In that case, we can pick a day that works best for your family.


    We typically have a total of 25 students in the classroom.

    We will notify you of any food allergies.


    All items need to be store bought and packaged. (Unfortunately, no homemade cookies or cupcakes.)

    Food ideas: Small package of individually wrapped ideas:  skittles or m&ms, wrapped twinkies, wrapped hostess cupcakes.

    Non-food items are also a fun way to celebrate. Items well loved include: bouncy balls, play-doh, bubbles, legos.   


    We also love to celebrate all those summer babies. Your family may pick a very-merry-unbirthday date to join in on the fun.