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  • World Sphere Project

    Our World’s Sphere (Earth)

    5th Grade Science

    The report portion is DUE Monday October 15th.

    The model is DUE Monday October 22nd.


    We have been studying Earth’s spheres (hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere) and we are about to embark on our first project that includes both a report and a model. The report is supported in class, and some for homework, the model is done at home. This project should remain fun, and the only limitations of the model are the size of course, and the limits of our imaginations. Outside the scope of a physical model, for example filming a movie, please ask me first.  



    *Define: hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and atmosphere

    *What are ways that humans use water?

    *What are ways that water changes the geosphere? What are ways that humans change how water flows?

    *What are things that humans put into our freshwater and marine environments?

    *What human activities or products could negatively affect our local sources of water?

    *What types of things do humans do to impact the biosphere?

    *What types of things do humans do to impact the atmosphere?


    **Going above and beyond…

    Describe what would happen to our Earth, if one of the spheres were to be taken out. Describe what would be affected. For example, if we took out the geosphere, there would be no land...what would our Earth look like? How would it affect the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere?


    Model (This part can be done at home.)

    *Make sure that the following are represented: oceans, lakes, rivers, tributaries, bays, glaciers, water vapor (clouds), groundwater, biosphere examples (various biomes), geosphere (mountains, hills, etc). Bonus points for adding in the atmosphere!

    *Design and plan out your steps and materials before you begin to build.

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