• Dear Families,

    Welcome to Room 17!  I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year! 

    I have a very full schedule planned for your student this year. Working as a team (parents, teacher, and student) we can accomplish this. Studies show that students that have a strong "home and school connection" achieve at a higher level. To insure a pleasant learning environment for every student in room 17, the following school-wide rules have been put in place:

    1. Be kind: Show kindness in everything you do and say. 

    2. Be safe: Be aware of your own personal space and your actions.

    3. Be productive: Do what needs to be done without being told, take risks and challenge yourself.

    We use many rewards and incentives for good behavior as we feel positive reinforcement is the most successful and effective form of classroom discipline. Please let your child know that you support these rules and standards.
    Students measure their behavior using our Clip Chart System.  Each day your child will start on the green "Ready to Learn" square. As the day progresses, they are able to  move up and down the clip chart as dictated by their positive or negative choices. If your child makes it above the top square (Flying of the Chart) your chid will bring home a certificate to celebrate their day. If your child moves their clip to the bottom square of the chart you will receive a teacher note, email, or call that day as well. 
    Clip Chart


    Each child should have a folder folder  with two pockets inside labeled “Leave at Home” and “Return to School”. It is very important that this folder accompany your child to school every day. Sometimes there will be paper and pencil homework, class announcements, PTA notices, or office forms. Sometimes the folder will be empty. Please check the folder EVERY night. Thank you.


    School begins promptly at 8:00 am. It is extremely important to be at school on time. Fuerte’s morning Walking/Jogging club runner and student supervision begins at 7:45 am. School is dismissed at 2:00 pm. It is important for you and your child to have a plan for the end of the day. Students not picked up by 2:10 pm will be taken to the lunch tables to ensure their safety.


    Students are welcome to bring in something to share with the class. We only require that it is a small healthy treat,  a snack, or novelty item or gift that everyone can enjoy (please no cupcakes or sweets). Please send a note or an email ahead of time so we can be prepared. Birthdays will be celebrated as time allows. Birthday Cake

    If you have any questions or any specific information about your child that I need to know, please feel free to email me.

    Dawn Himaka