Dear First Grade Families,


    Welcome to Room 17! I am very excited you’re here and am looking forward to an exciting and productive year.  I have a very full schedule planned for your student this year.  By working together as a team, we can accomplish a lot together.  Students that have a strong home-school connection achieve at a higher level.  To insure a pleasant learning environment for every student in room 17, the following school-wide expectations have been put into place:


    1. Be kind: Show kindness in everything you do and say.
    2. Be safe: Be aware of your own personal space and your actions.
    3. Be productive: Do what needs to be done without being told, take risks and challenge yourself.


    I use many rewards and incentives for good behavior, as I feel positive reinforcement is the most successful and effective form of classroom discipline.  Please let your child know that you support these expectations and standards.


    In addition to many many positive incentives in class, our expectations are reinforced with a behavior clip chart.  Each student begins each day at “Ready to Learn” (green).  Students have the opportunity to move up and down the clip chart.  When a student makes a positive choice, their clip moves up the chart.  If a student needs reminders to make better choices, the clip may move down the chart. This chart is very fluid and allows the students to correct any behaviors and be recognized for doing the right thing.  


    The clip chart looks like this:


     Amazing Day! (MAGENTA)

     Role Model (PINK)

     Great Choices (BLUE)

     Ready to Learn (GREEN)

     Think About It (YELLOW)

     Uh Oh! (ORANGE)

     Consequence (RED)

    Clip Chart


    Students and staff are required to wear a face covering indoors at all times.  Please make sure to send your student with a clean, well fitting face mask each day.  We will have extra face masks available when needed. It’s always a good idea to keep a few extras in your student’s backpack.  Facemasks outdoors are optional.



    I have an established routine of hand washing and hand sanitizing throughout the day.  This will continue this school year.



    Students are welcome to bring a small snack to enjoy at our recess break time.  This is optional.  Please encourage healthy snack choices.

    Our district will continue to offer free lunches each day for all students at Fuerte.  Your student is allowed to enjoy a school lunch or bring lunch from home.  All lunches and snacks from home will be stored in each student’s individual backpack.



    I will provide each child with a two pocket folder to use as a Homework Folder.   It is very important that this folder accompany them to school every day. This will be our main avenue of bringing things to and from school.  Please make sure your student brings this folder with them daily. Your student will be taking their Chromebook to and from school each day.  Please charge your student’s Chromebook each night.  Please store the charge cord in your student’s backpack.  


    Homework in 1st grade consists of reading and iReady.  There will be a Weekly Homework Checklist sent home each Monday.  

    Homework expectations are as follows:

    Reading - 60 min per week (10-15 min a day)

    iReady Reading - 45 min. Per week (10 min a day)

    iReady Math - 45 min. Per week (10 min a day)

    The completed Weekly Homework Checklist is due the following Monday.


    School begins at 8:00 am.  Morning drop off begins at 7:45 am in the traffic circle.  Unfortunately, we are unable to allow parents on campus at this time.  We appreciate your patience the first few weeks of school as we all get used to our new procedures.



    School dismissal is at 2:00pm.  First grade pick up is on the black to closest to the staff parking lot.  Students will wait with their teacher and will watch for their cars.  Again, thank you for your patience as we all get used to our new procedures.



    I will be using the program Bloomz as our main form of classroom communication.  Please make sure to sign up for Bloomz.  You can download the free app and get notifications right on your phone.  Keep up to date on classroom information as well as current happenings throughout our school days.   



    We will always celebrate our friend's birthday in class.  If you would like to send in something for your student to share with their friends, feel free to do so.  Please make sure to contact me ahead of time to arrange a day/time.  All food/snack items need to be store bought and prepackaged. I highly recommend a small healthy treat or novelty item/gift that everyone can enjoy (please limit sweets & try for a healthier alternative).  Birthdays are usually celebrated at the end of the day.


    If you have any questions or any specific information about your child that I need to know, please feel free to email or leave me a message at school. 



    Dawn Himaka 

    (619) 588-3134