• Welcome to United States History ... See my course description (including bulleted items) to see what to expect from my class. 
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    Students in grade eight will study United States history, including how the formation of our nation has been impacted by other nations, cultures and people. Students will explore the ideas, issues, and events from the Colonial and Revolutionary War period through the late 1800s.  After reviewing the development of America’s democratic institutions, particularly importance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, students explore early American politics, society, culture, and economy and relate them to the development of regional differences within the U.S. They learn about the challenges facing the new nation, with an emphasis on the causes, course, and consequences of the Civil War. They make connections between the rise of industrialization and contemporary social and economic conditions, as well as our role in a global society.

    • All curricular units will be aligned to both Common Core and the new California Content Standards (linked below) with an emphasis on global responsibility and the role that the United States played as a developing nation.
    • This includes current events where students will link U.S. history to the current role played both domestically and on a global scale.
    • This also includes an opportunity for open debate and discourse in both writing and classroom discussions. I strongly encourage my students to develop opinions and to share them in a safe classroom environment.
    • Heavy technology use is emphasized throughout this course.