Design Learning Academy

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    Design Learning Academy is a tuition free online public education option for families. We are part of the Cajon Valley Union School district and offer your students all the benefits of being an established school district with high academic standards and student support systems. Our program is delivered through an easy to use, robust Learning Management System with the tools needed to access daily lessons and communicate with teachers. Students successfully completing 8th grade curriculum are eligible for promotion to high school.


    All students have access to:

    • Onsite Enrichment opportunities
      Students can attend enrichment Tuesday. We offer a variety of classes throughout the year:
      - Robotics
      - Art
      - Music
      - Video Production
      - Maker Opportunities

    • Highly credentialed teachers

    • Online tools and resources

    • Synchronous and or asynchronous teacher support
      Content support in ELA AND Math for all grade levels
      1:1 tutoring
      Small group tutoring

    • Seamless transition from and to a traditional school setting

      Design Learning Academy students have the opportunity to be a part of a brick and mortar school for assemblies, and school wide social events. Jamacha Elementary is a strong partner with Design Learning Academy and we coordinate interaction and social opportunities between our online students and the students at Jamacha Elementary

    • Chromebooks

    • Field trips

    • Community support opportunities and gatherings

    • School assemblies

    • Extensive Parent Resources
      Parents can learn how to:
      -  Build effective schedules for their students.
      -  Manage multiple students using a blended learning model
      -  How to set up an effective learning environment
      -  How to build in recess and break throughout the learning day

      Parents can meet in person with teachers or have an virtual meetings to discuss progress and supports for their students.
      Attend parent meeting for peer and community support
      Discuss strategies for behavior issues
      Conflict resolution strategies
    Serving families from San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Imperial County.  Call the School Office at 619-588-3630 or email for more information today.
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