• Technology Support 


    At Design Learning Academy, students access all their online through our Learning Management System (LMS) called Buzz. During our fall orientation, and when a new student enrolls, both students and parents learn how to navigate our LMS with the help of their classroom teacher. In addition to teacher support, students are enrolled in a Buzz orientation course to further their understanding of our LMS platform. Tech support at Design Learning Academy is a vital component of student success and we strive to meet the technology needs of students and parents through a variety of resources and training opportunities.


    At Design Learning Academy, all students receive a Chromebook to access their work through our online LMS. In order to help students properly care for their Chromebooks, all students participate in a Chromebook Care awareness module. The Chromebook awareness module teacher students how to care for their Chromebook. In addition to caring for their Chromebook,  students learn how to and navigate the district’s Google Suite tools through a series of lessons for each of the core Google tools, which include: docs, sheets, slides, forms, sites, hangouts and email. Cajon Valley Union School District is a Google Apps for Education district and all our students have access to the entire Google Suite. At Design Learning Academy, we are committed to your students success, which includes both academic success and technical competencies. In order to support all our families, we’ve included some resources from Google Learning Center, so parents and students can work together and learn how to navigate and use the Google Suite.

    Additional Resources:
    Google Suite Learning Center







    Getting Started with Google Hangouts

    Getting Started with Google Hangouts