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    This is a great time of year to check out the sales and stock up on school supplies. Fourth grade students will need a durable folder (no binders), a small pencil pouch, a spiral notebook, and a few other items. We have limited space in our classroom, so don't buy out the store! I have listed the updated list below.
    I'm looking forward to meeting my new students!
    Mrs. Gilmore
    Mrs. Gilmore

    GRADE 4


    Two-pocket Plastic Sturdy Folder

    Pencil pouch – small

    Spiral notebooks, 70 sheet – 1

    Pencils – 1 dozen – no mechanical

    Pencil sharpener – with lid to catch Shavings

    Colored pencils – not to exceed 12


    Dry-erase marker

    Red pens

    Glue stick

    To share in classroom:

    Lysol wipes

    Electronic wipes


    Last updated 8/16/2018