Welcome to Third Grade

    with Ms. Warren


         I am Ms. Warren and I am excited to be teaching your child this year. We have a lot in store as we work and learn together. 


    Waterbottles are encouraged in our classroom. Third grade recess is at 10:00am and it is helpful if students have a small healthy snack to give them much needed energy to work through to lunch at 12:00pm. Examples of healthy snacks are apple or orange slices; carrot, cucumber or celery sticks; string cheese; real fruit juice; a low sugar granola bar. Please do not send or allow students to pack themselves candy, soda or sports drinks as a snack. Clearly label your child’s snack with their name. Thank you.


    Homework will be nightly.  Please check to make sure the work is completed and returned in the red folder each morning. Information about signing up for SeeSaw, a way to get real time action from our classroom, will be shared at Curriculum Night.


    The very best way to communicate with me is by email - warrenj@cajonvalley.net

    I will respond as quickly as possible. I check my emails when I arrive at school and before I leave each day. If there is time during the day I check, but each day is different, and I do not always get to emails while students are in class. You may send a note with your student in the morning or call and leave a message. I respond to notes and calls after school the day I receive them.


    Please do your best to schedule doctor and dentist appointments after 2:00pm. We are learning all the time and students pulled out early miss important information provided in discussions and classroom interactions. Thank you in advance for considering scheduling later appointments.

    Dress Code

    During this hot weather it is important that students remember to wear long enough shorts or skirts, and to keep their tummies and toes covered. Close toed shoes are needed for P.E. activities.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

    It is going to be a great year!

    I look forward to working with you to ensure your child succeeds in third grade.



    Welcome Back to School!  
     updated 7/27/19