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    This website will not be used for the 2020/2021 School Year. Please use the follwing link to my landing page that we will be using this year.

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    Welcome to Third Grade in Mrs. Long's Class!

    This is going to be an exciting year and I am delighted to have your child in my class.  Attention to a few details will help us have a smooth opening.

    Let's stay in touch: My email address is longn@cajonvalley.net  Please check your child's backpack and folder daily for class papers, flyers and important announcements.  Many important papers come home the first week of school that will need your immediate attention.  I will send several emails to you this year, keeping you abreast of upcoming events and happenings in our classroom.  You are always welcome to send me a note.  Just place it in your child's folder and remind him/her to give it to me.

    Healthy snacks:  Most third graders are hungry before lunch time and will need a small healthy snack to stay energized.  This can be a piece of fruit, a healthy snack bar or a handful of nuts. Also, please make sure your child has a re-useable water bottle so that he/she can stay hydrated.  It's so hot at the beginning of the year!

    Lunch Money:  If your child will be buying lunch, please either pay in advance for lunches (highly recommended) or send lunch money in an envelope, labeled with your child’s name.  Loose money in pockets is often lost at recess. 

    Volunteers: Yes, we love having volunteers in our class!  I will send home a volunteer form soon.  Feel free to contact me anytime during the year if you are interested in volunteering.

    Curriculum Night:  Be sure to attend Curriculum Night.  I will give an overview of our curriculum, classroom procedures and our roles in making this a successful year for your child.  

     I'm looking forward to a great year! 
    Mrs. Long