• Our Classroom- Our School
    My hope each year is to create a classroom environment where students feel welcomed, encouraged, and empowered to learn and grow. Lexington Elementary is a wonderfully rich environment with students from all over the world. Our school setting provides a wealth of cultures, languages, and backgrounds from which our Lexington community can flourish. Within my classroom and throughout our campus we work to respect and collaborate with one another. I get great joy out of watching my students take responsibility for their learning throughout the year, proud of the new knowledge they have acquired and ready to share with others. 

    Education and Teaching Background

    I am always proud to say that I am a teacher. It is a wonderfully rewarding and challenging career. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was in second grade! I received my bachelors degree at San Diego State University and then went on to get a Teaching Credential from there as well. After several years of teaching I decided to get my Masters Degree, so back to SDSU I went! In my 20 years of teaching I have taught mainly 2nd and 4th grade, first at Madison Elementary and now for the past 10 years at Lexington. Every year is a new adventure to look forward to! 


    Who am I?

    I am the 4th of 9 children and grew up right here in San Diego. I am the proud mom of 4 grown children, a boy and three beautiful girls. I love to spend time with my family (including my grandchildren) and friends. Some of my favorite activities include going to the beach, sea glass hunting, camping and hiking in the mountains, reading books that I share with my Book Club friends, writing, drawing, doing projects, and playing with my sweet dog Ella. I also enjoy going to playing games, going to the theater, and listening to music.