• CVUSD Parent Feedback Meeting 5/11/20

    Posted by Cherie Wall on 5/14/2020 11:00:00 AM

    Agenda For Discussion for 5/11/20 Meeting:


    1. Parent Topics Generated in Breakouts
    2. WoW Presentation
    3. E.T. Winzer - Town Hall Meeting w/ USDOE



    Breakout Rooms Discussion Recap


    Room 1: (Runyen) 

    Transportation for middle schoolers. More options. Better week, getting easier. Kids not being challenged.


    Room 2: (Sapper)

    Where are we going from here? Whole family online at the same time impedes ability to connect. Middle schoolers enjoy school later in the day. Middle School is seeing a rise in attendance. Parents with students with disabilities are impressed with the support. Parents are not able to monitor student work with the paylists.


    Room 3: (Satterfield)

    Confidence in Dr. Miyashiro leadership. Knows he will consider all voices and do the best for students.Asked about responding to the NBC7 story. Looking forward to Otero site level meetings. Childcare concerns regarding schedules and impact on extra curricular activities.


    Room 4: (Kehoe)

    Working with Otero for site meetings. EL and IEP concerns. Adaptable playlists. What does it look like to come back?


    Room 5: (Collins)

    Playlists don’t take too long to complete. Need more personalized instruction. Students hesitant to join zoom meetings.


    Room 6: (Ezop)

    Admin shared attendance incentives for students


    Chris Collins shared the World of Work presentation.


    E.T. Winzer, USDOE, shared about the upcoming FSA Town Hall event.


    Ed Hidalgo shared about the Promise initiative for local colleges for free.


    Tamara Otero shared that parent meetings have been set up for each site





    Summary Response


    Parent and Employee Input


    Thank you PTA, PTO and SCAC leaders for staying connected with your families and making time for our weekly Monday check-ins.  Getting the word out and engaging your site level parent communities in regular communication is critically important in helping the district move forward in a way that best serves our community.  Parent town halls with you, your principal, and Board President Tamara Otero will be informative, but mostly for receiving input and understanding the needs and wants of our parents and students.  Teachers and staff have expressed interest and are encouraged to attend as well.  Our Cabinet is also hosting weekly meetings with employee stakeholder groups.


    Curriculum, Grading, and Elearning Playlists


    We asked teachers to wait a couple of weeks before adapting and customizing the Elearning playlists for individual advisory and student needs.  This was both to learn from our first iteration of curriculum and to allow time for teachers to adjust to doing this work remotely.  Many of our employees, like our parents, are managing challenging home situations as well.  In addition to working from home our teachers are parenting and assisting their own childrens’ distance learning, caring for toddlers, caring for ailing parents, and managing the same realities many of our students’ families are working through.


    Principals are now guiding teachers to work with each child’s parents to customize Elearning playlists and modify the challenge/rigor up or down based on individual students’ needs.  Our Ed Services team is in the process of purchasing a Learning Management System (LMS) and more robust digital literacy and math tools that will auto-diagnose and adjust educational content to personalize learning and content for each individual student.  This will allow teachers more seamless customization of curriculum, ability to see and monitor progress of students, and provide feedback and progress reports to parents regularly.  Karen Minshew will bring a grading policy to the Governing Board for consideration at the May 26th meeting.  She is still in the input gathering stage.  


    Childcare and Enrichment


    We’ve now expanded our “Free Childcare for Essential Workers” program to over 50 students.  Strict adherence to safety protocols and the desire of Cajon Valley classified employees to serve our community through extended care have allowed us to scale up our program.  We plan to continue to expand and offer free childcare, which includes enrichment and student meals, at multiple sites.  


    Summer and the 2020-21 School Year


    The “Free Childcare for Essential Workers” program will continue through the Summer.  Once teachers and student support staff are finished with their duties this academic year, opportunities to provide extended care, enrichment, and summer learning will be offered to those employee groups.  Many teachers have expressed a desire to connect with their 2019-20 class of students to both connect and provide closure to their school-year.  Depending on the guidelines from the Governor and CA Public Health Officials, this may be possible.  We expect to receive guidelines for school soon.  





    Just yesterday, Wednesday May 13th, the State Superintendent announced that there would be no mandate from the State on when to open.  He continued California’s 1,000+ school districts will have discretion to decide when it is best to reopen.  In Cajon Valley, our school calendar is developed through collective bargaining with the Cajon Valley Education Association two years out each year.  The current start date for the 2020-21 school year is Wednesday, August 19th.  




    The most current Public Health Orders for School and Childcare are below.  The complete San Diego Public Health Orders can be found here.  https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/community_epidemiology/dc/2019-nCoV/health-order.html


    Schools and childcare

    All public and private schools, colleges and universities are closed. Parents of minor children must take steps to keep them at home.

    Childcare facilities are still open. Daycare centers that remain open should employ heightened cleaning and distancing requirements. Babysitters may also come to the house to care for minors of working parents.

    As much as possible, childcare facilities need to operate in the following way:

    • Limit groups of children to no more than 12.
    • Children must stay in the same group and must not move from one group to another.
    • The providers/teachers must stay with one group of children and not mix among groups.
    • If there is more than one group at a facility, they need to be in separate rooms.
    • Providers need to establish health check and temperature screenings. Children or employees with temperatures 100 degrees or more are not allowed in the facility.
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