• Welcome to 8th grade History with Mrs. Jimenez                                                                                                                               American Patriot
    8th grade history focuses on the history of the United States, from the American Revolution to Reconstruction after the Civil War. We will spend the year analyzing primary and secondary sources to understand major historical events and their impact on the modern world.  
    Theme: This year you will be focusing on the concepts of identity and power, and how these lead to civic duty & participation; how ordinary citizens have affected change in American history.
     About Me:
          My name is Amanda Jimenez and this is my fifth year here at Emerald Middle School.  My husband, cat, and I relocated to San Diego from San Francisco in the summer of 2015 to be closer to my family.  In San Francisco, I spent nine years teaching 6th and 8th grade history.  When I am not working, I like to read, cook, spend time with my family.  Traveling is another passion of mine, and I invite you to my classroom to visit my wall of photos. Our family has now expanded to include 2 cats (Iggy & Rosie), a dog (Maisie) and a 2.5 year old daugher (Viviana).
     Me and My Travels                  Family
           I also love history!!! I earned my Bachelors Degree in history from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with an emphasis on US history.  I strongly believe that in order to make our world a more just and free place for everyone, we have to understand the events that shaped our current world. With an understanding of these events, we can learn from past mistakes, ensuring that we don't repeat them.  I look forward to teaching you the skills that will allow you to question the world around you and become a positive influence for change.