7th Grade Science

    Mr Rhoads



    Dear Parents and Students,

          Welcome to 7th grade Science in Mr. Rhoads’s class!  I am looking forward to an exciting year! Over the course of the year we will cover and master NGSS.  We will cover topics which include, but not limited to, Metrics, Chemistry, Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Engineering and Human Impacts.  Science is an activity-oriented program designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity of middle school students. All standards are aligned to NGSS and can be found on the following website https://www.nextgenscience.org/          

     I would like all parents to know what I will expect from my students during the school year.

             My first and greatest expectation is that every student will work hard and try to succeed in Science class.  I will look for effort from every student.  To encourage class involvement and reward hard work, I will give a participation grade.  A significant portion of the school year will be spent working in groups doing hands-on activities, so participation will be a key to success. 

             Secondly, I expect my students to take pride in their school work by coming to class prepared.  Each student will need a chromebook and needs to keep an organized  Google Classroom. Usually homework will be in the form of assignments not finished in class.  

    On report cards, there will be on average about 18 to 25 grades per quarter in Science class.  This means that each assignment is very important to the overall grade. Therefore, I expect all homework and assignments to be turned in on time.  Two to four quizzes or tests will be given each semester.  Students will have the opportunity to retake  tests and quizzes.

     Please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Please check the Parent Portal page regularly to see what is going on in class.  It is found at the school’s web site. Also check my web site periodically. It is found under the Middle School link as well.  On it I will post note packets, journals, and many homework assignments. 







    less  than 60…………..F


    Chromebook(charged) Paper Pen or Pencil         A Good Attitude Be Prepared


    It is your responsibility to get all work done and turned in on time.  Check your classroom daily for assignments and due dates


    The following are the prevailing rules for our classroom.  Please remember that although certain school rules may not be explicitly mentioned in our classroom rules, they will still be enforced in class.

    1. Respect Others
    2. Do your best
    3. Show up to class ready to learn
    4. Follow all directions given by the teacher the first time

    Office hours & tutorials

    We strive to provide extra support for our students when they need it.  Here is when I am available before and after school for extra support. 

    Before school:  Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday, and Friday from 8:00-8:30 am

    (all other meetings by appointment only)