• Grading - Academic:
    Each P.E. day is valued at 20 pts.  Students will receive full points for 100 percent effort.  Cardio runs are an additional 20 points on those days.  Every student has the opportunity to earn an A on the runs.  Missed PE days and run days can be made up by scheduling a time and day before school.  Grading scale is as follows:  Participation 60%, Runs 20%, fitness, tests, homework 20%.

    Grading - Citizenship:
    Every student starts out with an A in citizenship.  Grade is lowered every time a student is tardy, uses loaner clothing, fails to follow any of my other policies, rules, procedures.  My policy is very simple.  RESPECT.  Respect yourself, respect others, respect your Coach, respect equipment.  Respect yourself by doing your best at all times, being prepared (PE clothes and shoes for PE), being on time, following all school rules.  You respect others by encouraging your classmates (NEVER putting anyone down), having good sportsmanship, keeping your hands and feet to yourself.  You respect your Coach by listening while she is talking, following directions, staying on task.  You respect the equipment by walking it up to it's proper location and using it only what it is meant to be used for.  Failure to follow the guidelines for RESPECT will have a consequence.  In addition to the consequence citizenship grade will be lowered and CANNOT be made up.

    We will be performing a variety of activities this year; including, team sports such as street hockey, flag football, basketball, team handball, badminton, lacrosse, cricket, frisbee golf, pickleball, rugby, and soccer.

    Games such as multiball, german team ball, and capture the flag.

    We will also be engaging in a myriad of fitness and running activities, using the fields, courts, or gymnasium.  We also be developing fitness plans and goals by working in our new weight room.

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    Parents/Guardians please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.  neall@cajonvalley.net


    Coach Neal