• Mrs. Hulbert


    Welcome to Mrs. Hulbert's Website!

    I am very pleased to teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English Language Arts. I look forward to buildinga positive relationship with my students and their families. My goal is to provide a supportive andencouraging learning environment for all my students to excel academically and socially. My lessteach them the English language by balancing their own native language and culture withAmerican language and culture. I am excited to facilitate these standards through using the International Baccalaureate project-based and collaborative curriculum through 21st centurydigital Google Classroom experiences.  I may best be reached at hulberts@cajonvalley.net  

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Be Responsible- Students come to school every day, on time, and prepared

    2. Be a Team Member- Scholars work together with others with a positive attitude

    3. Be Respectful- Students care for your school, yourself, and others by being courteous

    Bell Schedule Tuesday thru Friday:

    Period 0    9:00-  9:30    6th IB & Me
    Period 1    9:34- 10:25   6th English
    Period 2  10:29- 11:20   Plan Period
    Period 3  11:24- 12:15   6th English Period 4  12:15- 12:45   LunchPeriod 5  12:49-   1:40   6th, 7th, 8th Newcomers SEIPeriod 6    1:44-   2:35   6th, 7th, 8th Newcomers ELDPeriod 7    2:39-   3:30   6th English      
    *Monday Minimum Day Bell Schedule:

    Period 0   9:00-  9:06  6th Homeroom
    Period 1   9:10-  9:55  6th English
    Period 2   9:59- 10:44 Plan Period
    Period 3 10:48- 11:33 6th EnglishPeriod 4 11:37- 12:07 LunchPeriod 5 12:11- 12:52 6th, 7th, 8th SEIPeriod 6 12:56-  1:41  6th, 7th, 8th ELDPeriod 7   1:45-  2:30  6th English


    Students will be graded for their performance in three areas:  academic, citizenship, and effort.

    1. Each student’s academic grade will be measured by their competence in completing their assignments,
    activities, projects, presentations, quizzes, and exams.

                Grading Scale:

    90- 100% = A = Excellence

    80- 89 %  = B = Good

    70- 79%   = C = Satisfactory

    60- 69%   = D = Needs improvement

    0   - 59%  = F = Failure to meet expectations    

    2. Each student’s citizenship grade will be measured by the student coming to class on time,
    prepared with materials and assignments, being kind and respectful, helping others,
    asking appropriate questions that are related to the learning objective, independently following
    classroom procedures, and having a positive attitude.

                A = Always meets expectations

                B = Meets expectations MOST of the time

                C = Meets expectations SOME of the time

                D = RARELY meets expectations

                F = VERY RARELY meets expectations

    3. Each student’s effort grade will be determined by the student being on task and attentive, 
    turning assignments in on time, participating in class activities and discussions, working well with others,
    and asking for help when needed.

                A = Always meets expectations

                B = Meets expectations MOST of the time

                C = Meets expectations SOME of the time

                D = RARELY meets expectations

                F = VERY RARELY meets expectations


    Trimester 1 Progress Report grades close Friday 9/30/16, PROGRESS REPORTS mailed 10/7/16
    Trimester 1 Report Card grades close Friday 11/4/16, REPORT CARDS mailed 11/10/16

    Trimester 2 Progress Report grades close Friday 1/13/17, PROGRESS REPORTS mailed 1/20/17Trimester 2 Report Card grades close Friday 3/3/17, REPORT CARDS mailed 3/10/17

    Trimester 3 Progress Report grades close Friday 4/28/17, PROGRESS REPORTS mailed 5/5/17
    Trimester 3 Report Card grades close Friday 5/26/17, REPORT CARDS mailed 6/15/17