• My name is Lydia Coppedge, and I teach 7th grade English at Greenfield. I have been teaching at Greenfield for sixteen years. I love to include art and music in my classes to help make English more exciting!
    Planner is done once a week in my classes on Mondays.  This way students know their workload and assignments for the whole week. 
    Most assignments are done using Google classroom and NoRedInk.  All students can access their grades online using the Zangle website.
    The best way to contact me is email: coppedgel@cajonvalley.net 
    Google classroom codes:                     NoRedInk
    Period 1   nym5swo                              ca8e443h
    Period 2   o9zqlyq                                 xah94ekm
    Period 3   awoygwx                              a7xk9dfd
    Period 6   muu2vv                                 ef3f773e
    Period 7   odpdrx6                                 dfcww8h3