• Our Fitness Class


    ALL Fitness students are expected to:


    1. Be in seat with work materials out once you enter the room.
    2. Enter and leave the class is a pleasant, quiet and courteous manner, this includes walking in the hallways or to the gymnasium.
    4. Work QUIETLY and LISTEN while ANYONE is presenting.
    5. Raise you hand and wait respectfully to be called upon to speak.
    6. Any electronic devices, food, gum, make-up, brushes and toys are not allowed in class and will be taken—these items may be placed in the June Box
    7. Keep your school planner up to date each day.
    8. Bring school supplies to school each dayBE PREPARED!


    These guidelines are necessary so the teacher can teach and the students can learn. 


    Academic Grades:






    59% Below=F


    Grades will NOT be rounded up for any reason.  Come see me anytime to check your current grade and for ways to raise it. 


    What You NEED:


    ·      TWO pencils, highlighter

    ·      A comfortable fitness outfit (PE clothes=ok).

    ·      Shorts or sweat pants, and a tee shirt.  Normal school dress code will be in affect.  You will keep these clothes in you locker and dress out on active fitness days (W-F). Do not wear school clothes during class. 


    The Course:


    Fitness Class is designed to teach middle school aged students the importance of life-long health and wellness,...physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially


    We study a wide range of topics from nutrition, obesity prevention, puberty, growth and development, disease prevention, peer pressure, character education as well as family health.  There is also a weight room and strength training component as well as individual Friday ‘efforts’ vs. YOU!


    Other topics covered in fitness:


    • Muscle/Bone/Connective Tissue
    • Weight Training
    • Non-Weight barring exercises
    • Healthy Eating Habits
    • Flexibility
    • Stress prevention
    • Supplements
    • Mental and Emotion Wellness
    • Balance
    • Tumbling/Gymnastics
    • Increase speed and agility
    • Reading Food Labels
    • Body Weight
    • Obesity
    • Puberty
    • Adolescence
    • Preventing Skin Damage
    • Dealing with death
    • Acne
    • Steroids /and Substance Abuse
    • Aging
    • Sleep/dreams/sleep disorders
    • Diabetes
    • Character Education
    • Family Health