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    Empower Vision and Mission: 


    The Vision of Empower Academy is to cultivate students to be happy, healthy and functional citizens in their community and leaders of the next generation through the development of emotional intelligence, academic achievement, and social skills.


    Empower Academy is a compassionate therapeutic educational program that supports children’s emotional, social and behavioral needs.  We are dedicated to helping students access their education in the least restrictive environment through the cultivation of life and academics skills with the goal of developing high functioning individuals who have self-worth, dignity, hope, resilience and who contribute to society. 


    Our focus is to develop interpersonal relationships, in order to build trust, safety, confidence, and the feeling of personal importance. These relationship skills allow students to discover their strengths, their ability and desire to learn and utilize skills to make safe and positive choices and to function daily to their best ability. 


    Empower Academy functions under the PBIS and Trauma-Informed Care Paradigm

    We Believe…

    • All students are resilient and capable and deserving of education in their least restrictive environment with supports that are deliberate and individualized.
    • In the value of collaboration between school, students and families
    • All students should have equal opportunities and be provided with the best instructional practices, evidence-based curriculum, positive supports, services, and interactions.
    • All students should be treated with dignity and respect.
    • All students should be provided with a safe environment that promotes learning and personal growth.
    • All students are capable of learning skills to self-regulate and improve behavior and become productive members of society.

    Outcomes for Our Programs: 

    • Students will develop the Essential Academic Skills (reading, writing, mathematics, and comprehension) and critical thinking skills to be career or college ready.
    • Students will develop self-advocacy skills in order to express their needs. 
    • Students will develop and conflict resolution skills that will allow them to function and engage positively with others in all settings. 
    • Students will develop social skills that will allow them to build positive healthy relationships.
    • Students will develop self-regulation skills in order to accomplish goals and maintain appropriate and safe behaviors. 

    Last updated 10/1/2019