My name is Michele Butler. I am so excited about being your Third Grade Teacher.  It is going to be a wonderful year as we connect with our old friends and make new friends, create memorable experiences, and discover and explore new information and life skills in our classroom.  


    Interesting background about myself:

    I grew up on a farm/ranch in Montana. It has been in my family for over 110 years. After graduating from Montana State University, I moved to California.

    I am married and I have two young adult children.  


    A Few of My Favorite Things:

    Hobbies: Cooking and Baking,Traveling 

    Color: Yellow

    Flowers: Daffodils, Daisies, Crocus-(Simple)

    I Enjoy the Simplest of Things...Nothing Too Fancy


    My hope is that you will become a Life-Long Learner with a growth mindset so that you can be happy and successful in life.