3rd Grade Curriculum


    Grade 3 Teachers
    Mrs. Audette, Room 15
    Mrs. Darley, Room 26


    This outline is a guideline to the 3rd-grade curriculum, which will be presented to your child this year. If you have any questions throughout the year regarding your child's progress, please call your child’s teacher or send a note, and we will be happy to schedule a conference with you. 


    Third Grade reading curriculum will include grade level novels, Houghton

    Mifflin and variety of other resources. There will be a strong emphasis on all students achieving proficiency in the 3rd grade Common Core standards, which will include but are not limited to:

    • Decoding skills - students read words with complex word patterns, multi-syllabic words
    • Reading with fluency
    • Use of strategies to determine word meaning, context clues, antonyms 
    • synonyms, homonyms, homophones, prefixes, suffixes
    • Comprehending and analyzing informational text
    • Comprehending and analyzing literature


    Writing will address the newly adopted Common Core Standards and Lucy Calkins Curriculum. The text types will be:



                                                         Explanatory/ Informative

    Writing will occur across the curriculum in all content areas.

    Students will learn 3rd-grade grammar, word usage, and punctuation skills using a variety of resources.

    Spelling will be differentiated based on your child’s needs.


    We use the district adopted program GO MATH along with supplementary materials.

    Students will be in flexible instructional groups as needed.

    Math drills on multiplication and division facts will be conducted regularly.

    At least 10-15 minutes of daily practice on math facts is expected.

    Daily time spent on ST Math is recommended.

    Look for opportunities to use math at home in real-life situations; for example, telling time, measuring, recipes, and money.


    Scott Foresman’s Our Communities is the text. It includes Land and Water, Native Americans, Our Community, Rules and Laws, and The Economy. All of these are presented as they relate to California. The students will be allowed to write in these books, and they may take the books home at the end of 3rd grade.


    Macmillan / McGraw – Hill is the text. It is divided into Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

    Macmillan / McGraw – Hill is the text. It is divided into Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Third grade will be using the New Generation Science Standards and matching their curriculum to these standards.

    The Third-grade Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) include               

                       * Life Cycles and Traits

                       *Our Everyday Forces - Motion and Force

                       * Weather and Natural Disasters/Climate

                       *Engineering Design  

    A state-mandated unit on Drugs and Peer Pressure will be taught.


    The 3rd Grade Team is excited to bring Chromebooks to our students. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, every 3rd grader will be assigned a Chromebook for educational use during the school year. The device will be used for personalized learning, collaboration, and creating innovative works during the school day. The use of the Cajon Valley Chromebooks as a technology resource is a privilege, not a right. Any violations of the Cajon Valley Technology Code of Conduct will cause privileges to be terminated. 


    Children will be involved in many P.E. activities this year. For safety reasons, we ask that children have sturdy running (play) shoes for P.E. activities. Slick-soled shoes are inappropriate. We will have a P.E. Teacher once every two weeks. The classroom teacher will provide for P.E the rest of the time.

    If your child has been ill or has an injury that will exclude him or her from P.E. activities, please send a note stating the dates you wish him or her excused. If your child has a medical problem that will limit the types of activities he or she participates in, please notify the teacher immediately. 


    Students will have a library session once every two weeks. Students are responsible for returning their books on time. Please help your child remember to return books. Students should have a book for silent reading in the classroom.



    Students will be expected to take home ALL unfinished assignments and/or assigned homework. A parent signature or initial is required on homework. If work is late, you will be notified. This system provides better communication between home and school and allows you to notice if your child is having difficulty budgeting his/her time in class.


    If there is a family emergency and your child is unable to complete a homework assignment, send a brief note and an extension on the due date will be given.


    Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes each day outside of school. Your interest and support in your child's reading is probably the most important thing you can do to develop his or her love of books and promote success in school.


    GRADING SYSTEM:          

    Letter grades, percentage grades, and numbers will be given for most assignments. The New Common Core Report Card will be used.



    Our school maintains behavior standards with three areas of emphasis:




             Our motto is: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Have  Fun!



    Thank you for helping us provide

    a wonderful, successful year for your child.