Be a part of Cajon Valley’s newest high school!

Bostonia Global
  • Welcome to Lobolandia! WE ARE A COMMUNITY!

    Bostonia Language Academy opened its doors in August of 2015 with 15 classrooms, TK thru 3rd, comprised of teachers from schools in the district that had a bilingual strand.  Our founder, Izela Jacobo brought them all together under one roof and created our 90/10 model dual language school. In August 2018, with our first graduating class of 5th graders, we opened a language academy strand at Greenfield Middle School. In August of 2020, we returned with now, 8th graders to the elementary site and became the TK-8 campus. In August of 2021, Bostonia Language Academy became an in-district charter school, opened up a high school at the Emerald Middle School site, and renamed itself Bostonia Global. We are a distinguished school with a lot of lobo pride and welcome any new staff member to LOBOLANDIA!


    The Cajon Valley MVP - Our Mission, Vision and Promise

    ​​The 8 Promises complete the Cajon Valley MVP. These letters stand for our Mission, to make Cajon Valley the best place to live, work, play and raise a family, our Vision, to develop happy kids, living in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment and our 8 Promises, the standards that make us Cajon Valley and establish the way we serve our internal and external customers. The 8 promises unify our efforts to deliver the best service to anyone that calls Cajon Valley home, whether as an employee, student, family or community member. We may never be perfect, but we will make every effort to deliver on our 8 promises.


    Our School Vision

    As a community, we prepare our students to be multilingual, multiliterate, and multicultural global citizens.


    Our School Mission

    Bostonia Global provides a creative learning environment where strengths and individuality are respected and students are encouraged to apply knowledge learned utilizing innovative methods


    Our Guiding Principles

    As a multilingual, multiliterate, and multicultural community we:

    • Help others become successful and responsible citizens of the world
    • Nurture diverse skills and personalities
    • Welcome and inspire creative ideas 
    • Work as a team to innovate and solve real world problems
    • Exhibit positive attitudes and high expectations
    • Promote the development and pride of competencies for all