Write in Questions with Answers</br>from Dr. Bradley and Dr. Ramers

      • I am a parent of two children at Rancho San Diego Elementary. What would you say to people who are skeptical of either the vaccination(s) or mask wearing to stop the spread? - Mable

      • According to the Washington Post they stated approximately 1 in 5,000 boys vaccinated between the ages of 12-17 are getting myocarditis or pericarditis. One of my son’s experienced a side effect from the MMR vaccine that at the time, approximately 10 years ago, they said only occurs in 1 in 20,000 children. So 1 in 5,000 doesn’t sound very rare to me. - Joleen

      • A concern I have is in regards to the required weekly testing for the unvaccinated staff and volunteers but not for the vaccinated. It is a fact that at a school within this district that vaccinated staff contracted and then spread Covid on a school site... - Joleen

      • This does not imply that I am anti vax. All of my children have all of the required vaccines. Doctors are not allowed to discuss any of the possible severe side effects with patients and they can not guarantee my children’s safety from getting this vaccine. - Joleen

      • Is it to be expected that we will continuously vaccinate our children without any guarantee of safety or knowing any of the long term effects of this vaccine? In my children’s situation this vaccine is more dangerous to them than Covid is? - Joleen

      • Will it be discussed and emphasized that the “approval” is for EUA (emergency use authorization)? And, how is it an emergency when Covid numbers have been decreasing, medical staff laid off/suspended/etc. if we are in such a “pandemic” and the numbers for children with covid have been incredibly low?

      • For those children who have tested positive for COVID, please explain why the vaccine is recommended vs allowing natural virus antibodies to protect.

      • My understanding is with any viral illness, generally once you've had it - you shouldn't get that specific illness again. While it can/does mutate so too does the efficacy of a vaccine as it morphs into a new strain.

      • a) Duration of vaccine "protection"?

      • b) Will a booster be recommended?

      • I would like to know that stats on serious illness / death for children currently from covid. I would also like to know more information on the relationship between antibodies after a child has had Covid, and the likelihood that he/she could contract illness again, specifically serious illness / death.

      • Is this safer than just wearing a mask?

      • How many children was it tested on?

      • Does it cause infertility?

      • Why force something on children when there are such low rates of them getting this virus?

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